"What is a Pingcord and why do I need it?!?!"

"I've got enough strings already"

-- Customer testimonials, circa 2018

What does Pingcord do?

Pingcord is a notifications bot which means it can notify your Discord community when something happens on another site, such as starting a stream on Twitch or uploading a new video to YouTube.

Why should I use Pingcord?

Pingcord runs on a blazing fast events system built in-house to achieve the lowest processing times and latency between receiving events and posting into your desired Discord channels.

If you need reliable and fast notifications, then look no further! Pingcord has it covered 😎

Is it free?

Yes! All servers have 1 Integration for free, forever, per each service (Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) except for Instagram.

Each integration can track up to 3 channels.

3 integrations for Custom Timer alerts are also included.

What's an integration?

"Integration" is our name for the building blocks of your Pingcord configuration. Each integration has its own settings page which gives you an unprecedented level of customisation and control.

Each integration points to a single Discord channel (i.e. a 1:1 setup). However, you can track up to 3 Twitch, YouTube, etc. channels per each integration. Or an unlimited number of channels with Premium.

Consider this example:

You usually go live on your channel, Channel A. However, sometimes you appear on your friend's stream on their channel, Channel B.

With Pingcord, you can use the fine control of Integrations to post all of your streams into a #my-streams channel with an @everyone tag. You can also include streams from Channel B which pass a set of requirements, such as having your name in the title.

You can then configure Pingcord such that any stream from Channel B without your name in the title gets posted into #friends-streams without an @everyone tag. Neat, right?

What if I need more than 3 channels?

We would recommend subscribing to Pingcord Premium, which offers an unlimited number of channels tracked along with 4 additional integration slots per service and other Premium-only features.

What if I need more integrations?

You can either:

  • Subscribe to Premium, which offers 4 additional integration slots per service (in addition to unlimited channels and other Premium features)
  • Purchase another Integration from the shop, this stays with the server forever (can be transferred) and is a one-time purchase but does not include Premium benefits.

What is Pingcord Premium?

Premium is our monthly subscription service. With Premium, you get:

  • 4x additional integrations for each service, including Instagram access.
  • Unlimited number of tracked channels per integration
  • Full control over the embed box under the message that Pingcord posts
  • Access to "Requirements" feature, an advanced way to filter which notifications Pingcord should and shouldn't post
  • Access to "Stream went offline" pings
  • Dedicated support channel including advice on configuration
  • Access to new features and services first before full release

Premium subscriptions are per-server and must be activated on the desired server(s). However, the subscription slots always remain in control of the subscribing user and can be transferred at any time.

It's available in GBP, USD, and EUR with a yearly discounted option as well.

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