Getting started

Let's run through how to setup Pingcord for the first time in your server.

There are no commands for Pingcord. You can configure Pingcord using the online dashboard.

Login to the Pingcord dashboard

  1. Head to the Pingcord dashboard at https://pingcord.xyzopen in new window
  2. Click "Login with Discord" in the top-right.
  3. Pingcord asks for the following permissions:
    1. What servers you are in, to authorise your access to their dashboards
    2. Your email address, which is held encrypted and used for official communication only
  4. Click "Authorize"

You should end up on a list of the servers you can manage.


You must have the Manage Server permission in a server in order to access that server's dashboard on Pingcord.

Wrong account?

You can switch accounts using the method outlined here: Switching Discord accounts

Invite Pingcord to your server

  1. Click on the server you want to invite.
  2. You'll be transferred to Discord to authorise the invite.
  3. Ensure you leave all permissions checked to allow Pingcord to function properly.
  4. Click "Authorize"

You will then be redirected to the Pingcord dashboard for your server.

Setup an integration

Pick a service you would like to configure an integration for:

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